my name is Klaus Fabricius. You may have come across my other blogs, Mallorcaphotoblog, Mallorca Observed, Plantarum Maioricarum, theArxxiduc, trueMALLORCA, A Year in Mallorca, Postcards From Felanitx or Postcards From Santanyí.

With this new blog, Postcards From The Real Mallorca, I’ll focus on the incredible wealth of Mallorca’s multifaceted scenery, and photos only will do the talking.


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One comment on “About”

  1. In 1972 I worked for a month on a duck farm just outside Palma, owned by an englishman named Battenburg, who lived in Puerto Andraitx. I have visited Mallorca last year but couldn’t find it. I believe it was in a place called Indioteria. Do you have any ideas about where I could research this? BTW: I love your blogs!

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